Emerald nitrile exam gloves

Emerald nitrile exam gloves

III. Types of Gloves Produced

Emerald Nitrile Exam Gloves – Superior Quality and Protection

Emerald Nitrile ‌Exam Gloves

When it comes to choosing the right exam gloves for medical professionals, quality, comfort, and protection are essential. ‌Emerald Nitrile ‌Exam Gloves⁢ exceed the ⁢standards with their⁢ exceptional features‍ and reliable performance in ​various healthcare settings.

Superior Material and Construction

Emerald Nitrile Exam Gloves are crafted from premium-quality synthetic ⁣nitrile material, offering a comfortable fit and a reliable barrier against contaminants. The gloves are free from natural rubber latex, making them suitable for individuals with latex allergies.

These gloves are designed with textured fingertips,⁣ allowing for enhanced grip and​ dexterity in delicate procedures. The textured surface also facilitates reliable instrument handling, ensuring‍ the safety ⁤of both healthcare professionals and patients.

Exceptional Protection and Safety

Emerald Nitrile Exam Gloves provide superior protection against a wide⁣ range of chemicals, including ‍hazardous ⁤chemotherapy drugs. Their ⁣exceptional puncture resistance ensures ⁣peace of mind for ‍healthcare professionals while performing high-risk procedures.

With⁣ their excellent barrier integrity, these gloves maintain a secure shield against potential pathogens and contaminants, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infection transmission. ⁣They are ⁣compliant with rigorous industry standards, including ASTM and FDA requirements.

Comfortable​ and All-Day ⁤Wear

Medical professionals often wear gloves for extended periods, so ⁣comfort is ‌of utmost importance. Emerald Nitrile⁣ Exam Gloves offer‍ a comfortable fit and a soft, flexible feel, reducing ⁣hand fatigue during prolonged use. The gloves mold to the hands⁤ for a snug fit without sacrificing tactile sensitivity.

They are also powder-free, eliminating the risks associated with powder particles, such as drying or irritating the skin ⁤and interfering with wound healing processes.

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Versatile and Reliable

Emerald Nitrile Exam Gloves are suitable for a wide range of applications ⁢in ⁤the medical field, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, dental practices, and more. ⁤They are⁣ available‍ in various sizes to accommodate different hand sizes and ensure a proper fit for all healthcare professionals.

  • Available sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large
  • 100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per case

These gloves ‌are easily accessible ⁢and provide an ‍excellent ​supply‌ for medical facilities and professionals without compromising⁢ on ⁤quality or performance.

Choose Emerald Nitrile Exam Gloves for superior protection, enhanced⁤ comfort, ⁤and⁣ reliable performance in every medical procedure. Order ⁢a supply today and experience the ⁢difference!

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