How do you put on and remove sterile gloves?

How do you put on and remove sterile gloves?

Putting on and taking off sterile gloves sounds like a tricky process, but it doesn’t have to be! In this YouTube video, an expert breaks down the steps necessary to apply and remove sterile gloves properly and confidently. This blog post will explore the topic discussed in the video and provide a comprehensive overview of what it takes to appropriately don and doff sterile gloves. Learn how to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you by following the tips and tricks highlighted in the video and this blog post.

Applying and Removing Sterile Gloves

1. Preparing for Successful Application of Sterile Gloves

In order to adequately prepare for a successful application of sterile gloves, start by washing and sanitizing your hands to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. Next, move to a clean and easily accessible surface. Despite the package directions, gently advance your non-dominant hand towards the sterile cuff of the glove and unfold it carefully. Slide your dominant hand in and make sure the non-dominant and dominant glove cuffs are touching for stability and safety.

To properly keep up with safety protocols, you should practice grabbing only the outside of the packages and non-dominant glove. Furthermore, make sure that your thumb and index fingers are employed when pulling back the glove’s cuff. And keep your thumb away from the non-dominant glove, to avoid the temptation of touching the inside of it. Once the glove is fully placed, take a few seconds to adjust the fingers to feel comfortable.

  • Wash and Sanitize hands
  • Find a clean surface
  • Gently unfold the cuff
  • Slide the dominant hand in
  • Position the non-dominant and dominant cuffs together
  • Use index and thumb to pull the cuff of the non-dominant glove
  • Keep your thumb away from the non-dominant glove
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1. Preparing for Successful Application of Sterile Gloves

2. Peeling Back the Packaging of Sterile Gloves

is essential for preserving their sterility. To keep the gloves sterile, always use your non-dominant hand to handle the package and then pick up the gloves with your dominant hand so that only the insides of the gloves touch each other. Make sure to follow these steps:

  • Wash and sanitize your hands
  • Gently peel the package open
  • Slide out the second package
  • Grasp the right glove with your left, non-dominant hand
  • Slip it onto your dominant hand
  • With your two fingers from your left, non-dominant hand, slide the left glove on
  • Adjust the fingers as needed

When taking off the gloves, simply peel them off one at a time. Now that you know how to properly put on and take off sterile gloves, you can avoid the risk of contamination!

2. Peeling Back the Packaging of Sterile Gloves

3. Utilizing the Right and Non-Dominant Hands When Applying Sterile Gloves

Using the right and non-dominant hands when applying sterile gloves is a key part of the process for it to be done correctly. Maintaining the sterile field is a crucial aspect to proper glove application.

Though it may sound tricky, it really isn’t too complicated. Before you even begin to make contact with the package, ensure that everything is clean. When opening it, you’ll want to do so without making contact with the interior of the package, as that is where the sterile glove is, and the outside is non-sterile. Once the second package is open, you’ll want to take your non-dominant hand and slide two fingers beneath the cuff that’s folded over on itself, then lift it and slide your fingers and thumb onto the glove. Keep the two fingers that are touching touching the exterior of the glove at all times. Then, you can go ahead and adjust the gloves as needed.

  • Make sure your hands and surfaces are sanitized and clean.
  • Use your non-dominant hand to initially grab the glove.
  • Use two fingers to slide beneath the cuff that’s folded over.
  • Keep your thumb away when putting the glove on.
  • Slide the glove all the way on before adjusting.
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3. Utilizing the Right and Non-Dominant Hands When Applying Sterile Gloves

4. Precautionary Tips for Avoiding Contamination

It is essential to follow proper safety protocols when preparing and handling sterile gloves. Here are a few precautionary tips to avoid contamination:

  • Wash your hands! Prior to touching the sterile gloves, ensure your hands are properly washed and sanitized.
  • Pick a clean surface: When opening the sterile gloves, be sure to do so on a clean surface.
  • Avoid touching the insides of the package: The inside of the package is in contact with the gloves, so touching that may contaminate them. Make sure to grab them from the outside to minimize chances of contamination.
  • Sterile glove to sterile glove: Be sure that when placing the sterile glove on your dominant hand, you’re putting it on from the folded part of the cuff. Make sure that your fingers on your non-dominant hand are on the outside of the cuff.
  • Avoid using your thumb: When grabbing the non-dominant glove, do not use your thumb as it is not sterile. Only use your fingers and make sure to keep them on the outside of the cuff.

After putting on the gloves, make sure to adhere to the same precautionary steps when taking them off as well! When peeling them off, stick to the same area that you picked them up with. Avoid touching the contaminated areas. Likewise, make sure to properly discard the gloves into a bin to avoid cross-contamination.

5. Easily Removing Sterile Gloves in a Few Steps

Taking off sterile gloves is as easy as putting them on. Before getting started, wash and sanitize your hands. Open the first package, exposing the second package and grip it with your non-dominant hand. Open the second package, which should be handled with your non-dominant hand so you don’t contaminate the sterile gloves.

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Pick up the right glove with your non-dominant hand and put it on your dominant hand. When it’s time to put on the left glove, slip two fingers underneath the folded cuff of the left glove with your dominant hand. Then lift the left glove up and slide the fingers and thumb of your non-dominant hand into the gloves while keeping your two fingers on the outside. Adjust the gloves as necessary and you are good to go.

When it comes to taking them off, all you need to do is carefully remove each glove by peeling them off inside out. Before fully taking off the gloves make sure both gloves come off the same hand to avoid contamination and make sure never to touch the outside of the gloves.

The process of applying and removing sterile gloves described in this YouTube video is essential to many industries. By washing and sanitizing hands, peeling the package open, and handling the gloves with the utmost care, this process can be successful. With the help of this video, one can confidently put on and take off sterile gloves with accuracy and ease.

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